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Tania Vu

Portland, Oregon, United States
Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University
Dr. Vu has developed a single cell miniaturized imaging platform for use in drug screening and in vivo profiling of primary patient cancer cells. The CytoScreen is an ultrasensitive system scales down the amount of patient sample and quantitates intracellular proteins in subcellular populations previously challenging to measure. In collaboration with scientists and clinicians at the Knight Cancer Center and Becton Dickinson, the team has customized CytoScreen for the identification of effective new treatment options – especially those that address combination immunotherapies and drug-resistance- allowing testing of drug combinations with multi-parameter readouts of T-cell activation, tumor-cell kill, and stem/progenitor cell phosphoactivation in AML, CML, and CLL patient samples ( - 2601).
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