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John Elling

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
John Elling has founded and led a series of technology-based startups, consistently building and exiting at a profit. He is a seasoned biotech entrepreneur with a proven ability to identify & develop technology and business opportunities. Dr. Elling was founder, CEO/President of Acoustic Cytometry Systems. Acoustic Cytometry Systems licensed technology from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), developed it to a commercial proof of principle, and then was profitably acquired by one of the largest companies in the sector. Dr. Elling was founder/CEO of Mesa Biotech. Mesa Biotech also licensed technology from LANL and developed it into a handheld DNA detector product before being acquired by Thermo Fisher. He has also served in a Founder/CEO/President role with several companies including Greffen Systems, MitoTech, Integrated Genomics, Cytoprint and Bioreason. John is an active member of the New Mexico Angels, a general partner at Phase One Ventures and a Visiting Entrepreneur at LANL.
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