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Gregory Theyel, PhD

Berkeley, California, United States
Gregory Theyel is the Program Director for the East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network. He assists biomedical companies with business, technology, and production planning. Gregory has worked for over 15 years with large and small biomedical and energy technology companies, and he is the founder and president of Green Visions, which assists companies with engineering, strategic planning, and fund-raising. He has advised a long-term venture capital client by conducting due diligence analysis of start-ups to facilitate the investment of a venture fund. Gregory earned a doctorate from Clark University, has published widely in operations, management, and technology journals, and is frequently invited to teach courses internationally, including in Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Germany. He conducts research on the value of manufacturing and the development and diffusion of advanced manufacturing technology.
Speaking In
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM (EDT)
Thursday, June 17
COVID-19 put a spotlight on biotech and manufacturing. From processes to facility design,…