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Stevan Jovanovich, PhD

Livermore, California, United States
Dr. Stevan Jovanovich is the President/CEO/Founder of S2 Genomics. Inc. which he founded to develop integrated sample preparation systems for genomics focusing on solid tissue samples. Previously, he was President/CEO/Founder and CTO of IntegenX, Inc., the global leader in rapid human identification, now part of ThermoFisher. Prior positions include Vice President of Global Research at Amersham Biosciences, Science Director at Amersham Biosciences Sunnyvale, Manager of Advanced Research at Molecular Dynamics, Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Director of Microbiology at AbTox Inc, and Applications Programmer at the Institute for Defense Analyses.
He is author of 30 peer-reviewed papers and reviews, an inventor on over 140 international patents, and has automated life science workflows since 1987. He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Life Sciences from MIT, a Ph.D. in Microbiology from University of California at Davis.
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