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Ryan Cirz

South San Francisco, California, United States
Ryan Cirz, PhD, CSO and Acting CEO of Revagenix. Dr. Cirz has been studying antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, focused on Gram-negative bacteria for 16 years. During his 12 year tenure at Achaogen, he worked on small molecule antibiotics at every stage from early discovery through phase II/proof of concept and in late development, as well as the post-approval setting. As a founder of Achaogen, he watched a molecule go from first synthesis through FDA approval, launch and ultimately financial failure. His final role at Achaogen was oversight of the entire infectious disease research and early development pipeline and to act as a scientific liaison to development, medical affairs, sales/marketing and government affairs.

In his role at Achaogen and in subsequent roles, Dr. Cirz has organized and run several workshops and presentations on the broken antibiotics marketplace and first-hand experience through the commercial challenges facing a recently approved antibacterial medicine. At Revagenix, Dr. Cirz continues in a similar capacity, focused on early stage antibiotics research and general issues related to the regulatory, reimbursement, and economics landscape for novel antibiotics.
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Cries for economic reform to halt the collapse of the antibiotics market have never been louder. As…