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Shahram Ebadollahi

White Plains, New York, United States
Dr. Shahram Ebadollahi is the Global Head of Data Science and AI at Novartis. In this capacity, he is responsible for defining and shaping the strategy for applications of data science across the pharmaceutical pipeline, from early discovery to manufacturing. He also oversees globally the execution of the strategy and operations of the data science and AI efforts and teams across Novartis.

Before joining Novartis in September of 2018, Dr. Ebadollahi spent 14 years with IBM and had a series of senior executive roles. He was the technical founder of IBM Watson Health, IBM’s first ever business focused on applications of technology and AI to the domain of healthcare and life sciences. In that role, he oversaw innovations, development, and served as the Chief Science Officer of IBM in the area of healthcare. Prior to starting IBM Watson Health, he had started the health informatics research and computational health, with the aim of innovating and applying data-driven and knowledge-driven advanced analytics to the broad domain of healthcare and life sciences. As the Vice President of Health Informatics Research, he oversaw a global team of scientists and innovators in this domain.

One of the latest innovations he started and oversaw before his departure from IBM was applications of blockchain technology to healthcare, which resulted in collaborations with the FDA, CDC and more recently the formation of the Health Utility Network between IBM and a number of health insurance companies and banks.

Dr. Ebadollahi has a PhD and MBA from Columbia University and is a member of a number of scientific and business advisory boards at the intersection of technology innovation, data science and novel business models with focus in the domain of healthcare and life sciences.
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