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Klaus Lindpaintner

South San Francisco, California, United States
Klaus Lindpaintner, MD, MPH, FACP, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer at InterVenn Biosciences, previ-ously held senior positons at Pfizer as Global Head, Human Genetics and Computational Biomedicine, at Hoffman-La Roche, spearheading the company’s efforts in personalized health care; as CSO at Thermo-Fisher-Scientific; and on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. Klaus has co-authored some 250 scientific papers, and holds honorary and adjunct professorships at several academic institutions. He serves on numerous boards, working groups, and advisory panels for trade organizations, regulatory authorities, and non-governmental organizations. on issues related to the successful implementation and leverage of novel technologies in health care. Klaus graduated from Innsbruck University Medical School with a degree in medicine, and from Harvard University with a degree in public health.
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