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Yoon Jeong Park, PhD

SEOUL, Korea, Republic of
Dr. Yoon Jeong Park is currently holding a CTO position at NIBEC and also a professor of Seoul National University. After obtaining Ph.D. degree Pharmaceutics, she moved to US as a research professor in Univ. Michigan, and Principal investigator at ISTN Inc. until 2003. From 2003, she was appointed as both CTO of NIBEC and professor of Seoul National University, Korea in the field of peptide based drug delivery and biomaterials. She has published 130 scientific peer reviewed journal, 40 international patents, 10 technology transfer experiences and 4) 10 product registration in the field of drug delivery, peptide therapeutics and regenerative biomaterials. Her service as CTO at NIBEC covers in 1) the new drug discovery in the field of cancer, inflammatory disease 2) regenerative biomaterials commercialization in dental and orthopedic practice and 3) peptide fusion technology in drug and medical devices.

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NIBEC is established as a spin-off venture from Seoul National University, South Korea at 2004 and…