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Hyunwoo Park

Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Hyunwoo Park (Founder, Republic of Korea) is a Professor and Medical Doctor that have studied about the prevention medicine such as Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), Dementia, and Post traumatic stress disease (PTSD).
From 2016, he has been doing Research and Development with Dr. Jin Hui (Co-founder, Chinese) and Professor Fu Shi Quan (Korean, School of medicine at Kyunghee University) about Drug delivery system (DDS) and Virus-like particles (VLPs) for Toxoplasmosis and Avian Influenza. Through the results of the outstanding and promising bio-efficacy data dealing with the projects, Health Park co., ltd. was founded in August 2018.
Seven patents related to the projects were put into the company. The Korean government was recognized for the value of four million US dollars and approved the loan guarantee of two hundred thousand US dollars to the company in December, 2019.
Currently, the company’s pipeline has three items. First is Toxoplasmosis vaccine development for both human and cats. Second, Avian Influenza vaccine for poultry via oral administration. And lastly, a COVID19 detection kit for diagnosis has been being studied since March, 2020. The company develops first-in-class Toxoplasmosis VLPs vaccine and it is on process of CMC for scaling-up its productivity. The clinical trial will be entered within next 2 years. We believe it will be the next success of VLP vaccine like Gadasil of Merck.
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