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Joel Austin, Please Select, PhD

West Windsor, New Jersey, United States
Dr. Joel Austin is the CSO of Chiromics. As a John and Fanny Hertz foundation fellow, Joel completed his PhD at Caltech in Organic chemistry under the supervision of David MacMillan. After working as a Medicinal Chemist at Bristol-Myers Squibb (oncology) and Lundbeck (neuroscience), Joel joined Chiromics to lead their drug discovery CRO efforts by developing a proprietary Affinity Screening Mass Spectroscopy high throughput screening technique. As CSO, Joel devised the neurobiological rationale, and led the effort to identify the first positive allosteric of modulators of the Mu Opioid receptor which are amenable to in vivo testing for POC studies.
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Chiromics has developed a novel approach to harness temporal and innate pain response elements…