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Matthias Evers

A molecular biochemist and bioinformatician by training, Matthias coleads our global work in R&D and medical functions. He has directed projects in China, Europe, India, and the United States supporting pharmaceutical and medical-products companies as they pursue innovation, drive R&D productivity, define drug and asset strategies, and pursue excellence in in core functions, from drug discovery to medical and regulatory affairs.

Matthias collaborates with executives to set innovation strategies and build the functional capabilities necessary to sustain productivity gains in R&D. When pursuing holistic performance transformations, he works to boost both speed and success by accelerating pipeline progress and making better use of available funds.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

designing and supporting a pharmaceutical company’s multiyear, full scale R&D-transformation program that included a reorganization to establish an innovation culture and resulted in significant productivity gains
creating an ambitious strategy for digital, analytics, and experience design for a global pharmaceutical company to boost innovation and growth as well as raise productivity that led to implementation of use cases along the entire value chain
running a longitudinal analysis of a top ten pharmaceutical company’s five-year research and early clinical portfolio to identify predictors of success and craft a tailored capability-building program
designing and developing new digital solutions for innovating medical education and engagement channels as part of a newly crafted medical-affairs strategy
developing a strategy for worldwide therapeutic-area innovation for a provider shifting from primary care to a specialty-care and patient-stratification-focused approach
designing and building a virtual target-to-proof-of-concept R&D organization to navigate a full discovery and early-development pipeline with a largely externalized setup
leading work to drive R&D productivity for a generic-pharmaceutical business that resulted in a dramatic increase in speed, which reduced development time by almost one-third
Passionate about using science innovation to serve patients better, Matthias pursues several cross-industry activities to fuel innovation and create more science-leadership capacity. He initiated the Monastery & Minds Innovation Forum, convenes the McKinsey Medical Affairs Forum, and is a frequent speaker at high-profile events, such as the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and Global Biotech Revolution’s GapSummit, which support young researchers and academia.
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