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John Fraser, MD, PhD

Prof Fraser is a clinician scientist, innovator and disruptor. His scientific endeavours highlighted to him the potential of medical technologies in the heart and lung arena when developed symbiotically with world class clinicians, researchers, developers - with the patient at the centre of these innovations.

In his roles as the founder of the largest acute care multidisciplinary research group in Australia, Founder of medical device company De Motu Cordis Pty Ltd, and as an intensive care medicine specialist, Prof Fraser has seen time and again how the best and brightest innovators in the areas of cardiovascular, respiratory and chronic disease continue to face a critical funding gap to transport their early to mid-stage innovations through to manufacture and commercialisation. It is through this gap that opportunities fall - and potential game-changing technologies can be lost.

As a result, Prof Fraser has co-founded the Quantum Medical Innovation Fund, focussing on medical innovations that make a quantum difference to both patient outcomes and investor returns. Quantum’s unique advantage is its productive global network of medical and innovation leaders, thereby de-risking the investment decision making around early and mid-stage med-tech assets, and subsequently applying a strategy of active management to drive positive target outcomes. It is his network that facilitated the birth of the COVID Consortium - the largest global Critical Care Community using Artificial Intelligence with colleagues from 49 countries around the world during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Working with over 350 world leading hospitals across the USA, Europe, Asia, Arabia and Asia Pacific - he has brought in leaders in AI, Amazon and IBM to accelerate data ingestion, taking the burden from exhausted clinicians. The COVID-19 consortium tool kit they have developed with Amazon will allow data ingestion using visual and audio input and reduce the time to obtain the data from many hours to minutes. The initial, dashboard which was developed by the University of Queensland is now being augmented by IBM, so that it is updated in real time to allow decision support at the bedside at an actual patient level, through the development of casual relationships. The world leading Journal of American Medical Association hailed this quantum change and highlighted how it may change the process of clinical research not just during the COVID-19 crisis but well into the future in many fields of medicine.

Prof Fraser continues to push at the boundaries of medicine, science and technology, all in the pursuit of ensuring that critically ill patients across the world have every opportunity to thrive - not just survive.
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