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TORONTO, Ontario, Canada
Peter Feldman is a cofounder of Arbor Life Labs. He has more than 20 years of experience in advising, capital raising and investing in novel life sciences, biotechnology and health technologies. He has also been directly involved in laboratory, drug, disease, genetic and molecular research and has managed many clinical trials in organ transplant, immunosuppression, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer and even hair loss treatments. Peter was a Rapporteur to the World Health Organization for the Global Observatory of Organ, Tissue and Cell Transplantation. Peter co-produced a film called Tales from The Organ Trade, which won over 30 awards around the world. He received the Norman Bethune award in 2015 from the Canadian Medical Association for International Medical Reporting. Peter co-invented a multi-molecular targeting model for activating stem cells and regenerating cells, tissues and organs. He has taken these inventions through development to marketable products that set new standards of care.
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Arbor Life Labs develops therapeutics based on stem cell activation via regulation of the Wnt/𝛽…