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Jeffrey Lu

San Carlos, California, United States
Jeffrey Lu is CEO and Co-Founder of Engine Biosciences, a venture-backed biotech company whose NetMAPPR(TM) platform integrates machine learning, combinatorial CRISPR screens, and drug discovery to decipher biological complexity to and enable transformative precision products.

Jeff has extensive leadership and company building experience in high-growth biotech and tech companies and large corporations. He has been Founding Director at Enleofen (first-in-class anti-fibrotic therapeutics, preclinical stage asset acquisition by Boehringer for >US$1B), CEO's #2 and Head of Strategy and Analytics at AAE (acquired by Expedia at US$300M valuation), Group Head (Strategy, Analytics, Digital Marketing) at AirAsia, and Consultant at Bain. He has a number of director and advisor roles at promising biotech and tech companies.

Jeff received his bachelor's degree summa cum laude from University of Pennsylvania.
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Engine Biosciences is a venture-backed biotechnology company deciphering biological complexity to…