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Wisconsin, United States
Tim Burland earned a B.Sc. special honours degree in Genetics & Microbiology from Sheffield University, then a Ph.D. in Microbial Genetics from Leicester University. His research experience included a postdoctoral fellowship in cell biology University of Tromsø, followed by over a decade in cancer research at the McArdle Laboratory, University of Wisconsin, where he also served as a Lecturer in Genetics.
Tim moved to the private sector a Senior Scientist and Group Leader for FMC BioProducts, a Rockport, Maine-based manufacturer of polymers and related reagents for molecular biology research. In 1997 he returned to Wisconsin as VP & General Manager of bioinformatics company DNASTAR Inc., and in 2002 he moved to GWC Technologies Inc., an early-stage manufacturer of scientific instruments for life science and materials science research. Initially appointed as VP-Technology Development, he was promoted to President & CEO and served on the board of directors.
Tim next ran his own consultancy, ParagraphLab, providing consulting services to leaders of biotechnology organizations in the areas of business development, marketing, sales, product development, financing and communications strategies. He is also a member of MERLIN Mentors, a volunteer group of experienced business professionals who help entrepreneurs plan and initiate new businesses. Tim has mentored entrepreneurs developing new businesses in the areas of radiotherapeutics, infant nutrition, cloud computing, metamaterials, energy conversion, diagnostics and life science tools.
In January 2013 Tim joined Platypus Technologies as Director of Applications and Business Development, seeking new opportunities for the company’s liquid crystal sensor technology. Two months later he was appointed Chief Operating Officer, where he took on the additional responsibilities of overseeing the company’s applications development, marketing, sales, and operations for all product lines. Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, he oversaw the release of the company’s first liquid crystal sensor product, and subsequently two life science assay products for drug discovery research.
Tim then returned to his consulting business, and was recently appointed to the position of Director of Business Development at Scarab Genomics LLC, an emerging CMO with industry-disrupting biopharmaceuticals manufacturing technology.
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