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Stan Watowich

Houston, Texas, United States
Dr. Watowich is Founder and CEO of Ridgeline Therapeutics, a Houston-based biotechnology company developing new mechanism-of-action therapies to treat age-related muscle degeneration, obesity-linked Type 2 diabetes, muscular dystrophies, and cancer metastasis. He was recent director of the University of Texas System's state-wide entrepreneurship program developed in partnership with University of Texas McCombs School of Business, and brings this experience to bear on translating research discoveries to clinical practice. He is a successful educator, researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, and developer of world-class innovative resources (e.g., the global “DiscoveryingDengueDrugs-Together” project with IBM; world's first BSL3 cryo-electron microscopy facility). Dr. Watowich graduated from the University of Chicago, was a research fellow at Harvard University, and is a tenured faculty in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the University of Texas Medical Branch.
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Be bold! Developing transformative drugs to reverse muscle aging and obesity-linked NASH. …