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Mark de Groot

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mark has more than 25 years of life-sciences experience in operations and finance. His operational experience includes being the co-founder & CEO for six years of an innate immunity company (Petrovax) which was successfully sold and whose approved product is in widespread use, co-founder of a listed biotech (NASDAQ: MIST), co-founder of a biopharma company (Mimetogen) which had a significant licensing transaction in late 2015, and a director of business development at a pharma multinational (GSK). Finance experience includes being the founder of a VC fund (iNovia Capital, now with >$1B AUM) which he ran for ten years during which time it focused on life-sciences and technology, and CEO of a life-sciences financial advisory group. Mark has an MSc from the University of Toronto, a PhD in Physics from Oxford University, and did postdoctoral research at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
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Pattern Pharma's P2PAR product activates the innate immune system (dendritic cells, macrophages &…