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Christopher Clegg

Seattle, Washington, United States
Chris is the President of TRIA Bioscience and has more than 30 years’ experience in Biotech R&D. Prior to founding the company, Chris was Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Immune Design Corp, where he supported the research and development of a vaccine adjuvant for Influenza, RSV and Allergy (licensed to Medicago, MedImmune, Sanofi). Previously, he was Director of Immunology at ZymoGenetics Inc, where he supervised the preclinical research of Interleukin 21 (licensed to BMS), Atacicept (licensed to Merck-Serono) and Interleukin Lambda (licensed to BMS). Earlier in his career, he directed the mouse molecular genetics lab at Bristol-Myers Squibb (Seattle), where he tested the activity of genes associated with immunological disease and helped pioneer the use of yeast artificial chromosomes for the characterization of large human multigene loci. Chris completed his PhD in Zoology and post-doctoral training in Pharmacology at the University of Washington.
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TRIA Bioscience has invented a new vaccine platform that replaces traditional conjugate vaccine…