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Michael Weickert

San Francisco, California, United States
Michael J. Weickert, PhD has developed drugs, devices and startups for 28 years. He co-founded and/or led startups as CEO of Pacylex Pharmaceuticals, illumiSonics, Sonescence, and SEA Medical Systems, CBO of Strategent, Corium, and Therashock, COO of Ohm Oncology, and VP at SciDose and Auspex. He raised Seed through Series C and signed partnerships worth >$180M. He developed anti-infectives as CEO of Sonescence, a Phase 2 stage drug delivery co., at Nektar where he set up an anti-infectives business unit and directed the 1st product from pre-clinical to Phase 2, as CBO of Therashock with a new sepsis therapy, and as an advisor for Pulmatrix, Taris, and Lightline. Michael prepared over 40 business plans and has driven product development from pre-clinical through Phase III/NDA. He obtained Orphan Drug and Fast Track designations in the US and EU. Michael was at the NCI at NIH and has a Ph.D. in Genetics from the U. of Wisconsin.
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