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Negotiations and Strategic Decision Making

Sunday, June 2, 2019
8:45 AM - 4:30 PM

The Negotiations and Strategic Decision Making: Learnings from Game Theory and BD Practice Course is designed for executives, and business development professionals interested in enhancing their skills in negotiations, influencing, decision making and game theory. The uniqueness of this workshop is to leverage the combination of these skills to allow you to better understand how your counterpart in the negotiations might assess potential strategic options. You will learn not only to anticipate but also to plan strategically ahead by making use of insights from game theory, with the aim to improve the outcome of your negotiations. The learnings from game theory will be applied to real-life pharma/biotech negotiation cases. This training will help participants to sharpen their business development skills by increasing the speed and quality of their decision making and enhance negotiation skills.

The course was first part of an ASAP global conference last fall in Boston. A few quotes from the attendees: "…course content is strong, loved the variety of real life practical cases, practicing through exercises, well put together concise slides, liked the two-instructor approach…academic and industry, loved the topic-tying game theory, to negotiations, to decision making, to influencing." Click to Download Sample Course Slides 


2019 Negotiations and Strategic Decision Making Faculty:

Harm-Jan Borgeld, CSAP, PhD, Head Alliance Management, Merck KGaA

Harm Jan Borgeld

Harm-Jan Borgeld is leading the alliance management department at Merck KGaA. The department is responsible for the commercial, development, research, and selected regional alliances. Before heading the alliance management department, he was leading a project team that worked on developing a novel immunotherapy to treat cancer. He started his work at Merck in the licensing and business development department. Prior to Merck, he was responsible for the business development activities of the Japanese firm, Kyorin Pharmaceuticals, in Europe. He received his MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands / Haas Business School, US, and his PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Nagoya, Japan, and graduated from the Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

Stefanie Schubert, CA-AM, PhD, Professor of Economics, SRH University Heidelberg

Sarah S

Stefanie Schubert is Professor of Economics at SRH University Heidelberg. Previously, she was assistant professor of organization theory and management at WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management (Koblenz & Düsseldorf). Her expertise includes strategic decision making, managerial economics, and strategic alliances and networks. In addition, Stefanie is consultant for strategic management with a particular focus on conceptual strategy development and strategic behavior. She has published in distinguished international journals, such as the Journal of Health Economics, Applied Economics and Small Business Economics. She received her PhD from University Duisburg-Essen and graduated from Heidelberg University.

Topics Covered:

  • Game theory (the science of strategic decision making)

  • Negotiations; including:
    • Three phases of negotiations
    • First and second offer strategies
    • Group negotiations (in class exercise)
    • How to behave with emotional negotiators.
    • Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers
  • Decision making
    • How do CEOs decide?
    • Parallel option assessment
  • Case studies

  • Influencing
    • How to weaken your opponent’s strategic moves

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for business development professionals who have most likely served as part of a business development or licensing team, but are now preparing to move to a senior manager level role within their organization. Highly experienced business development professionals benefit by getting an update on the latest techniques, revised rules/regulations and honing deal-making skills.

  • Business Development & Licensing professionals
  • Alliance Management professionals
  • R&D personnel who have significant interaction with business development
  • Intellectual property personnel involved in the licensing process
  • Biotech – Senior Management
  • Professionals who are new to business development and licensing or who have limited deal experience