Affiliate Member Discount: Campaign Has Ended

Thank you for your interest in BIO 2020 in San Diego!

The deadline to opt-in for the affiliate member discount has passed. 

Learn more about BIO 2020:

  • Hotel and Travel - You do not have to be registered to book housing. Reserve your space now!
  • Schedule - Plan to arrive Sunday and stay until Friday to get the most out of BIO 2020.
  • Registration Rates - Review rates to budget for 2020.

Want to save more?
BIO Membership provides the best discounts on BIO events and offers significant, volume based discounts on products and services with more than 12 leading suppliers through BIO Business Solutions.*  Contact our membership team to learn more. 

*Members of BIO and most state and regional biotechnology associations can participate in the BIO Business Solutions program, for no charge, as a benefit of their membership.