490 Biotech

Hall A, Booth 137
Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
490 BioTech’s unique synthetic luciferase technology enables any cell to autonomously report on compound bioavailability, biological events, or metabolic impacts in real-time. By removing the need for external stimulation that limits your current fluorescent/bioluminescent approach, 490 BioTech’s synthetic luciferase continuously emits harmless visible light and autonomously adjusts its intensity to reflect real-time changes in metabolism, toxicity, biomarker transcription, localization, differentiation state, or any other required metric. This solves the problems of uneven excitation and emission in 3D culture applications, allows you to track the distribution, health, and propagation of implanted cells in small animal models, and removes the need to sacrifice your samples concurrent with luciferin exposure. Regardless of your application, using 490 BioTech’s autobioluminescent technology enables exciting new capabilities and accelerates your existing research by producing more data, reducing costs, and enabling continuous automated tracking without requiring perturbation at any point throughout the data collection process.
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