Planning Resources

With proper planning, in just four critical days, you can set up a full year of business connections, partnering possibilities and exposure to many innovations for the future of biotech. It's an action packed week, so be on the lookout for announcements about programming, connection points, and networking resources!

Important Dates for BIO 2020
BIO 2020 January-March Planning
BIO 2020 April-May
BIO 2020 June
  • Pack your bag for sunny San Diego!
  • Checkout the event announcements for the latest news.
  • Make your networking, meetup, and party plan.
  • Familiarize yourself with our shuttle schedule.
  • Export your partnering meetings to Outlook or view them in the Partnering app.

Set Your Budget

  • Review the registration options and make the best choice for each of your team members
  • Secure discounted hotel rooms with BIO Housing: amenities include coffee service and free WiFi 
  • Research your travel options and book your flights early
  • Research restaurant menus in advance; view deals on Open Table, Groupon and Yelp
  • Use the free BIO Shuttle, mass transit, or allow time to walk and enjoy the fresh air
Make the Most of Your Week
BIO 2020 Day by Day Graphic
Want to brand yourself with BIO?

The BIO 2020 toolkit will be available in early 2020! Keep an eye out for this great resource to help spread the word about your participation at the event.