Yungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd.

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Yungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd. is a 66 years old fully integrated pharmaceutical company and affiliate of KT&G group who is a major player in the global tobacco and ginseng market with the revenue of 4.7 Billion USD in 2017, headquartered in S. Korea. With a market cap. of 1.4 Bil. USD (2018), Yungjin discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets leading prescription medicines in Infection, CNS, Metabolic Dis., Pain, CV, Immunology, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, GI, and Respiratory Dis. in S. Korea. We have a robust R&D pipeline including YPL-001 (COPD, P2a completed in the US), MB12966 (NASH), KL-1333 (Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Disorders, P1, partnered) and CDK7 inhibitor (cancer, preclinical) and achieved 195 Mil. USD sales revenue in 2017.
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Korea - South Korea
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CDK7 inhibitor (Cancer, Preclinical), YPL-001 (COPD, P2a completed in the US)
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