3:45 PM - 4:00 PM, Wednesday, June 5,2019 ・ Theater 1
MedBiome Inc. located in Ottawa, Canada has a unique technology called RapidAIM to screen compounds against individual human microbiomes. RapidAIM can be used to identify compounds that target the human microbiome, de-risk compounds, stratify patients based on their microbiome responses and other applications including animal microbiomes. MedBiome employs RapidAIM for the preclinical development of compounds that target the microbiome either globally, for specific microbes/group of microbes, specific microbial pathways and enzymes. MedBiome provides RapidAIM services to screen for the effects of compounds on individual microbiomes. MedBiome also enters into research collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies for specific disease areas related to the microbiome and to assess microbiome risk for drugs not specifically intended to target the microbiome. MedBiome is developing its own franchise of compounds that target the human microbiome in pediatric IBD.