Susavion Biosciences, Inc.

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Susavion Biosciences, Inc., is a privately-owned, pre-clinical stage biotechnology company that was founded to develop immunotherapeutic drugs suitable for a global market. Susavion’s technology is based on a novel platform—peptide mimetics of sugar-containing molecules—that are ligands of strategic regulatory receptors on immune cells. The technology unleashes the power of the human immune system to overcome signals sent from suppressive immune states. Susavion’s drugs are potent stimulators of cell-mediated immunotherapy to overcome the ability of cancer cells to escape. Most importantly, they do not have the toxic effects that accompany chemo-therapy drugs and other immune therapies. Our drugs have broad application against cancers and thus are potential game changers. Susavion’s lead drug has demonstrated proof-of-concept in oncology studies, in particular inhibition of accumulation of ascites associated with ovarian cancer.
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