Changing the Game: Breaking Down Barriers and Building Up the Next Generation

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM, Tuesday, June 4, 2019 ・ 107AB, Level 100
Women graduate college at higher rates than men and make up nearly half the US workforce, yet only 22% of Board of Director’s for S&P 500 companies are women and only 7% serve as CEOs at Fortune 1000 companies. A Pew survey finds we believe “men and women are equally capable when it comes to key qualities and behaviors essential for leadership.” So why do we still have a gender disparity in our industry and so many others? Panelists will dive in to the existing challenges: women combat negative stereotypes every day; outdated family leave programs; outright bias and a lack of women in middle management from which CEO and other top appointments are made. Additionally, panelists will reflect on their beliefs that more female leaders are necessary to advocate for other women’s professional growth and how the path to leadership for women can be made possible.
Founding CEO
Director, Transactions
Johnson & Johnson
President of Global Pharma
Director, R&D Communications
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.