PharmAbcine Inc.

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM, Tuesday, June 4, 2019 ・ Theater 2
PharmAbcine is clinical stage public company focusing on development of next generation BioTherapeutics. Currently, Tanibirumab + Keytruda combo trials for rGBM and mTNBS are ongoing smoothly. Tanibirumab monotherapy for Avastin relapsed recurrent GBM phase II are also ready to recruit in multi center in the States. We are expending indication to RCC, ACC, HCC, Ovarian and gastric cancer. We are developing next generation IO therapeutic like anti-VISTA antibody, PMC-309 with huge anti-tumor potency. PMC-309 + anti-PD1 antibody combo leads superior synergy effect to PMC-309 alone or anti-PD1 antibody alone. We are also developing bispecific IO, PMC-122 consisting of anti-PDL1 antibody fused to anti-CD47 binding moiety. We genetically engineered this protein so that anti-PDL1 has nanoM affinity whereas the binding to CD47 has 100 fold less so that we can avoid binding to CD47 on red blood cell and bring PMC-122 to tumor immune micro environment (TIME) and enriched there.
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Korea - South Korea
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Tanibirumab(TTAC-0001), PMC-001, PMC-002R, PMC-309
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