NanoViricides, Inc.

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NanoViricides, Inc. is pioneering a unique platform of nanomedicines against viruses called nanoviricides®. Our first drug candidate in the HerpeCide™ program, "NV-HHV-101", is in IND-enabling Safety/"Tox-Package" study, with indication for topical treatment of shingles; drugs against HSV-1 cold sores and HSV-2 genital ulcers are expected to follow. The Company, uniquely, has its own flexible multi-product multi-kg-scale c-GMP-capable manufacturing facility, enabling rapid translation to the clinic. The Tox Package batch and Phase I cGMP batches are being produced at this facility. The Company has previously demonstrated strong efficacy in animal models against a number of other viruses as well (Influenzas, HIV, Dengue, Ebola, etc.) attesting to the robustness of the platform. Our "Bind-Encapsulate-Destroy" platform is designed to mimic host cell surface, to trap & destroy the virus particle. This approach makes viral resistance unlikely as the resistant virus would be incompetent.
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United States
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NV-HHV-101 - (first indication for shingles)
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NanoViricides, Inc.