OcuMedic, Inc.

3:30 PM - 3:45 PM, Wednesday, June 5,2019 ・ Theater 2
OcuMedic’s technology: Timed Drug Delivery to the Eye via a Contact Lens/Clear Corneal Bandage with 7 Day wear.The technology rests on 10 issued patents, and a recent Freedom to Operate (FTO) opinion. Efficacy has been proven in an animal model. The intellectual property teaches a novel therapeutic contact lens with memory capable of controlled release of first line ophthalmic agents, both anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. The technology has been developed for the most common and widely used contact lens material silicon hydrogel, (SiHy). The technology is also a platform technology and has been tested for a wide range of ten (10) other drugs as well as molecules to enhance lens comfort and treat dry eye. It has been shown that the extension of release has a strong dependence on mimicking biological recognition in the design exploiting the chemical diversity and amounts of monomers in relation to the drug. OcuMedic can literally-DIAL IN THE RELEASE OF DRUG FROM THE LENS OVER Time
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OcuMedics, Inc.