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bBHC Stem Cell Treatment & Research Institute which is called STRI has developed pluripotent stem cell without side effect which is called nEPS. We successfully differentiated the stem cell into a human pancreatic beta cell, neurocyte, hepatocyte, chondrocyte, osteoblast and kidney cell. STRI is the corporation to develop human tissue and organs. STRI has applied 470 patents related with nEPS over 146 countries, and 34 patents are registered in Korea, US, Russia, Isreal, Australia and Singapore. We use MSC to induce pluripotency only using natural compound with no artificial manipulation. This natural compound is called f002 which is originated from plant. And we have applied patents with this natural compound. We conduct researches for type 1& 2 diabetes, liver diseases, cancer and neuro diseases with nEPS. We are collaboration with Seoul National University, University of Michigan etc. We are interested in licensing out our core technology and research collaboratioin.
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Korea - South Korea
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Differentiated cells from nEPS
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