11:45 AM - 12:00 PM, Tuesday, June 4,2019 ・ Theater 3
Miromatrix is a leading regenerative medicine company bioengineering transplantable organs to eliminate the organ transplant waiting list, including livers, kidneys, lungs and hearts based on its patented perfusion decellularization and recellularization technologies. The company’s approach has the potential to end the transplantable organ shortage and access billion-dollar market opportunities. Miromatrix’ lead program is a bioengineered liver to treat end stage liver disease (ESLD), and Phase I clinical studies are targeted as early as 2021. The second advanced program is a bioengineered kidney to treat end stage renal disease (ESRD), and Phase I clinical studies are targeted for 2022. Significant progress towards the goal, including the ability to revascularize the liver and kidney grafts, transplant them back into large animals and obtain sustained perfusion have been demonstrated. The development of bioengineered lungs and hearts are in early preclinical development.