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2:45 PM - 3:00 PM, Wednesday, June 5, 2019 ・ Theater 3
ParaTechs’ mission is to develop innovative technologies and bring to market novel products to enable discovery and development in biotechnology. To that end, ParaTechs' Animal Research Division provides researchers with products for use with laboratory animal models. ParaTechs actively supports efforts to ‘reduce, replace and refine’ animal use. Primary objectives include safe and efficient alternatives for surgical procedures and technologies to improve laboratory animal husbandry and vivarium maintenance. Specifically, the Non-Surgical Embryo Transfer (NSET) technology, developed at ParaTechs, has revolutionized rodent embryo transfer by reducing costs and eliminating the need for animal anesthesia and surgery. The device is also used for artificial insemination, sexually transmitted disease research, and biomedical studies of uterine physiology.
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United States
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NSET (non-surgical embryo transfer device for rodents)
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Senior Research Scientist
ParaTechs Corporation