Sage Science, Inc

4:15 PM - 4:30 PM, Tuesday, June 4,2019 ・ Theater 3
Sage Science products are built on the idea that science is more robust and reliable when it is based on high-precision, automated, reproducible technology instead of manually intensive steps that introduce variability and error. Our key technologies use electrophoresis to prepare optimally-sized DNA molecules for Next Gen Sequencing. Precise DNA size selection during sample preparation can improve the efficiency and quality of sequence analysis, and enable new sequencing applications. Sage’s Pippin Prep and BluePippin systems are found in most major sequencing centers and in thousands of labs around the world. Sage’s newest platform, the SageHLS, offers a unique approach to preparing DNA for sequence analysis. The system uses CRISPR/Cas9 “gene editing” enzymology, in vitro, to target and excise intact genes or large genomic segments directly from cells. This technique enables thorough analysis of specific segments of the genome, and study of disease-related complex structures.
Sage Science