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Onxeo designs, develops and brings to market innovative drugs for the treat ment of cancer and its associated pathologies, more specifically for severe and rare orphan-status diseases. Onxeo focuses its therapeutic strategy on fighting drug resistance which poses ever-greater challenges to treatment, further more so in orphan cancers. To do so, the Company uses innovative and patented technologies to develop tumor DNA-targeting drugs that enable targeted action on the ability of tumor cells to repair their damaged DNA, or their ability to resist to other anti-cancer treatments. Onxeo has chosen to focus on orphan diseases which enables a targeted, synergistic and streamlined approach to developing these drugs, both in terms of development costs and time. Onxeo’s most valuable asset is its 35 employees who have built a unique expertise in developing and registering drugs. The Company has successfully led two programs to registration, including with the US (FDA) and European
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