MAIA Biotechnology, Inc.

2:30 PM - 2:45 PM, Monday, June 3,2019 ・ Theater 4
MAIA Biotechnology, Inc. is positioned to translate cutting-edge science into promising first-in-class drugs into the clinic. We are developing targeted cancer therapies within a diversified and broad portfolio of drug candidates which have shown target engagement and preclinical activity in multiple tumor types. The current pipeline comprises five compounds with distinctively different mode-of-action, targeting lung cancer, CRC, pancreatic, head and neck, prostate and breast cancer, melanoma and brain tumors. A privately-held company based in Chicago and Houston, MAIA was strategically developed to address and leverage the untapped potential of academic labs and scientific inventors. MAIA has a meaningful combination of a principled and dynamic Management Team with in-depth drug development experience, extensive connections to academic institutions, access to seasoned pharma executives and key opinion leaders, and importantly, connections to an extensive network of investors.