Hygieia, Inc.

3:15 PM - 3:30 PM, Wednesday, June 5, 2019 ・ Theater 3
At Hygieia, we believe there is a better way to use insulin. We are a technology company in the digital health space that delivers high margin clinical services under a recurring revenue business model. We do so by optimizing the use of insulin through better prescribing to greatly improve people health and reduce costs of care. Our on-demand dosing guidance results in clinically improved outcomes, greater efficiencies for healthcare systems, and reduced costs of care. Hygieia’s d-Nav insulin guidance service has been available in Northern Ireland since 2013 and in Michigan since 2016. Over 8 million people in the US use insulin to treat their diabetes but most never reach their target HbA1c. This leads to poor health, complications, and higher prescription and healthcare costs. Effective insulin treatment requires ~100 dose adjustments/year or 100 clinicians encounters per year. Today’s healthcare system is not built to handle this level of support…. that’s where HYGIEIA comes in
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United States
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d-Nav Insulin Guidance System
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