Interface Biologics ("IBI")

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM, Monday, June 3,2019 ・ Theater 2
IBI develops innovative materials for both Medtech and Pharmaceutical applications. IBI was founded on its Surface Modification Technology called Endexo, which are fluorinated oligomeric additives that migrate to the device surface and prevent platelet adherence and activation in blood contacting devices and reduce bacterial adhesion and biofouling in non-blood contacting devices. This technology has been licensed to a number of parties and currently is commercialized providing ~$5M annually in royalty revenues. IBI is looking to capitalize on the Endexo experience and spin out its newly developed Epidel technology into a stand alone company. Epidel is a novel non-polymeric small molecule prodrug drug delivery platform which provides for controlled local drug delivery via surface erosion. Epidel materials are engineerable into standalone implants.The lead product is an intra-vitreal dexamethasone implant focused on ophthalmic indications expected to enter PII in 20.
Interface biologics