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ORIG3N is a leader in regenerative medicine with a preclinical program in osteoarthritis. A second preclinical program in cardiology is part of a research collaboration with Harvard University and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Org3n has achieved a significant milestone by creating an HLA matched, fully consented cell bank with “super donors” with homozygous at HLA sites for allogeneic cell therapy. We have identified cell lines which, in aggregate, are compatible with 90 percent of the US population. This is a great resource for our internal cell therapy programs and partners. We have a license from IPS Academia Japan to create iPSC lines from isolated PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) and have created differentiated iPSCs into multiple cell types. The CEO is a four-time serial entrepreneur. We have two preclinical stage programs.
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United States
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cell product for cartilage repair
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Orig3n, Inc