Suntec Medical, Inc.

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM, Thursday, June 6,2019 ・ Theater 1
Suntec develops innovative immunotherapies for cancers based on its MNC immuno-nanotechnology platform. MNC is an “Immune Modulating NanoCarrier” consists of active immune modulators (PD-L1 inhibitor & CD8+ T cell activator), plus nanotechnology with EPR effect to carry drugs to tumor (gain efficacy) and minimize drug exposure to normal tissue (reduce toxicity). MNC can be combined with additional anti-cancer drugs to generate new treatments with extraordinary therapeutic indexes. Drug types synergistic with MNC are immunotherapy, target therapy (Mab), gene therapy (siRNA) and chemotherapy. Suntec has already established co-development programs with several pharmaceutical companies and has also initiated projects supported by NIH to rescue high-risk cancer drugs. Suntec welcomes collaborations with other Pharma companies who wish to utilize MNC in co-developing new cancer drugs.
Suntec Medical, Inc.