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AbClon provides innovative technologies to develop novel antibody drugs or antibody-based cell therapies using proprietary platforms. The NEST platform provides novel mAbs which has synergistically working together with marked antibody or novel mAbs which has differential mode of action to get over limitations of marketed antibodies. AffiMab is an innovative multi-targeting bi-specific antibody offering enhanced specificity to disease tissue and ability to interact with multiple pathological pathways of interest. AbClon develops several bi-specific AffiMab pipelines for autoimmune disease and immuno-oncologies. Switchable CAR T is innovative hapten antibody-based CAR T platform to utilize a single format of CAR T applying to various targets in the diseases with a dose-escalation option. The advanced swithchable CAR-T is cotinine-based HER2 targeting CAR-T for ovarian cancers. We also develops convential CAR-Ts using novel scFvs. AbClon develops multiple pipeline using the platform
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Korea - South Korea
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AT101, a CD19 CAR-T. AM201, a bi-specific for TNFa and IL-6. AM105, bi-specific for CD137 & EGFR
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