Biotron Limited (ASX:BIT)

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Biotron Limited (ASX:BIT) is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel small molecule antiviral drugs targeting significant human viral diseases. The company has a robust portfolio of clinical and pre-clinical assets. The company's core expertise lies in designing and developing viral viroporin protein inhibitors. Biotron's viroporin-targeting platform is an important tool in the development of a new class of direct-acting antiviral drugs with the additional potential to impact on immune activation linked to viral pathogenesis. Biotron's lead drug, BIT225, targets HIV-1 in viral reservoir cells, resulting in aberrant virion assembly. Data from a recently completed Phase 2 clinical trial indicates that this translates into a significant impact on immune functions. In addition, the company has a pre-clinical HBV program with compounds showing promising activity targeting cccDNA.
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