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Prevencio, Inc. is Revolutionizing Blood Tests For Cardiovascular Disease—Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Prevencio’s novel HART tests were developed through a strategic research partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and cardiac biomarker expert, Dr. James Januzzi;
HART tests use Machine Learning + Multiple Proteins + Proprietary Algorithms.

Prevencio’s tests address Unmet Clinical / Research Needs for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) including:
• CVD kills more people each year than all forms of cancers combined; ~1 of every 3 deaths in the U.S.
• >1.1M patients annually in U.S. have inpatient coronary catheterizations. Studies show that up to 65% are not needed; excess testing due to inaccurate standard of care testing.
• Limitations of current testing modalities include not being able to provide results for the diabetic, obese, and elderly.

Prevencio has developed these tests using proven science in 15 Peer-reviewed Publications and Presentations.
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