COHESION Medical Ltd.

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COHESION Medical is a patient-centred digital health company, seamlessly connecting global citizens with services and sciences. COHESION has developed a digital ecosystem centred around the citizen, spanning the whole life journey and grounded on core human rights. Our AI-driven technology improves health experiences, making citizens more empowered, services more efficient and sciences more innovative, accelerating population health and precision medicine.
COHESION is transforming health by ethically curating data from citizens’ symptoms and experiences to build rich profiles used to help patients self-manage their conditions and stay well for longer. Citizens are put in control of their information and health care for the first time, allowing smoother integrations between primary, secondary and tertiary care and third sector organisations. Our goal is to make health more affordable, accessible and inclusive by building better health experiences for everyone.
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Privately Funded Company
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United Kingdom
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Citizen Health Wallet
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COHESION Medical Ltd.