True North: Maintaining your vision and letting scientific innovation be your guide

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM, Tuesday, June 9, 2020 ・ Room 6D
There is no shortage of innovation in the biotechnology industry, with stunning advances in genomics, gene therapy, and brain mapping opening endless opportunities for medical breakthroughs. But building the infrastructure and the financing mechanisms to advance those ideas can stifle creativity. How can companies pursue truly breakthrough endeavors while balancing risk? How can CEO’s drive towards the vision while maintaining a prudent business model? How can management teams keep investors and partners focused on the long term goals in an environment focused on short term milestones and data inflection points? Hear from this panel of experts provide perspective on the greatest era of scientific innovation, their successes and lessons learned in pursuing big ideas, and their advice on sustaining focus on the long term vision.
President and CEO
Caribou Biosciences
Chairman and CEO
UNITY Biotechnology
Co-Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman
Silverback Therapeutics