Stem Cell Partners LLC

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Stem Cell Partners was founded in 2010 out of Sacramento State University. The president of the company is John Chapman, Ph.D. who has more than 20 patents, 30 articles and 30 years of experience in the blood processing space at the VP level. We have fewer than 10 employees. We operate a biotech research lab specializing in cell separation technology of blood, bone marrow, cord blood, and lipoaspirate. We have created a new proprietary cell separation technology (FlexSep) for pre-analytic processing which provides an alternative to Ficoll isolation of MNC for biotech and a new means of preparing red cell depleted regenerative medicine products such as platelet rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate. We have a state of the art biotech lab and provide R&D Services to large companies and analytical services to investigators.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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FlexSep Cell Separator
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Stem Cell Partners LLC