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Our Mission: Improve Public Health by Reducing Addiction.

Amygdala is developing ANS-6637 which is currently in Phase 2 clinical development in a study funded by NIH for alcohol use disorder. Additional Phase 2 studies for opioid use disorder (also funded by NIH) and smoking cessation are in late planning stages. As a spin-out from Gilead Sciences, Amygdala is building from a large prior development investment and more than $18M current NIH/DOD support.
ANS-6637 is a selective and reversible ALDH2 inhibitor, a new chemical entity with a novel anti-craving mechanism of action for treating substance use disorder. Based on its mechanism of action in the brain to prevent pathophysiologic dopamine surge without changes to basal dopamine (Nature Medicine 16:1024, 2010), ANS-6637 has the potential to prevent drug seeking behavior, craving and relapse.
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