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Developed bi-specific small molecule prodrugs that deliver a drug payload to bone tissue. Our process is analogous to ADCs (antibody drug conjugates) but our targeting is done with a small molecule while the drug moiety is released in the desired tissue by engineering the kinetics of cleavage.

Mesentech has developed NCEs for targeted conjugates of imatinib (Gleevec), RARs (retinoic acid receptor) antagonists. The most advanced program is the bone-targeted conjugates of prostaglandin mimetics. This is an EP4 agonist that is an exceptionally potent bone-anabolic was first developed by Merck as MK0987; however, IV administration of these was not possible due to a precipitous hypotensive side-effect (also seen by Pfizer & Ono with their own EP4 agonists) that prevented the development.

Mesentech has produced bone-targeted prodrugs of these EP4 agonists that have mitigated the hypotensive liability while enhancing efficacy. Our lead indication are metabolic bone-loss diseases.
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Privately Funded Company
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British Columbia
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Bone-targeted anabolic compound for reversing bone-loss disease
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