“Don’t You Forget about ME(A)”: Creating a Competitive Biotech Sector in the Middle East and South Africa

2:45 PM - 5:30 PM, Monday, June 8, 2020 ・ Room 23C
Biotechnology is progressing more than ever, reaching new frontiers and providing solutions to the world’s most pressing public health challenges. South Africa and countries across the Middle East are implementing national plans to accelerate the growth of national biotech sectors as well as adopting policies to ensure access to critical innovations. This summit will focus on national plans in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and South Africa to support local innovators. In addition, panels will also highlight opportunities and challenges related to patient access including accelerated registration pathways and shifts to value-based healthcare.
Panel 1: The Middle East and Africa: The Next Biotech Hub?
Biotechnology innovation has emerged as a critical solution to tackling global health challenges. Adopting a holistic, long-term approach focused on implementing a supportive policy environment is key to realizing the economic and social benefits of the biotech sector. The panelists will discuss the enabling factors that accelerate the growth of the biotech hubs for aspiring biotech countries.

Panel 2: International Best Practices: Balancing Access with Speed to Market
Market Authorization is the first step toward patient access to medicine and MEA regulators should be commended for expediting the process. Nevertheless, pricing and value discussions still delay patient access, sometimes by years. How can the private and public sectors collaborate to accelerate patient access to life-saving medicines.