CRISPR library screens for oncology target discovery at WuXi AppTec

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Tumors acquire genetic mutations to escape immune elimination to grow and metastasize. This webinar will share case studies highlighting application of customized CRISPR/Cas9 libraries to screen for genes that control cancer cell sensitivity to target therapeutic agents and T cell-mediated elimination in vitro and in vivo. These genes are potential targets for therapeutic intervention.
Attend to discover:
• Synthetic lethal screens for mutations with chemical inhibitors or immune checkpoint blockers
• Application of in vivo CRISPR screen for metastatic drivers in cancer cells against host immunity
• Novel approaches for oncology and onco-immunology target discovery

Speaker - Yong Cang PhD, Scientific Advisor, Oncology and Immunology Unit, WuXi AppTec and Professor, Cancer Cell Biology, ShanghaiTech University (Shanghai)